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Nagel, K., Ewert, R., Bischoff, J., Maciejewski, M. and Grahle, A. (in Vorbereitung). Dekarbonisierung des urbanen Verkehrs. Spannungsfeld Fahrzeugantriebe – Gedenkschrift für Prof.\ Dr.-Ing.\ Roland Baar (Arbeitstitel)

Ziemke, D., Knapen, L. and Nagel, K. (forthcoming). Expanding the analysis scope of a MATSim transport simulation by integrating the FEATHERS activity-based demand model. Procedia Computer Science

Ziemke, T. and Braun, S. (forthcoming). Automated generation of traffic signals and lanes for MATSim based on OpenStreetMap. Procedia Computer Science

extensions, M. (accessed 2014). MATSim extensions webpage.

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Gable, T., Martins-Turner, K. and Nagel, K. (2022). Enhanced Emission Calculation for Freight Transport.

Lu, C., Martins-Turner, K. and Nagel, K. (2022). Creating an agent-based long-haul freight transport model for Germany.

Meinhardt, S., Schlenther, T., Martins-Turner, K. and Maciejewski, M. (2022). Simulation of On-Demand Vehicles that Serve both Person and Freight Transport.

Schlenther, T., Wagner, P., Rybczak, G., Nagel, K., Bieker-Walz, L. and Ortgiese, M. (2022). Simulation-based investigation of transport scenarios for Hamburg.

Müller, S. A., Balmer, M., Charlton, W., Ewert, R., Neumann, A., Rakow, C., Schlenther, T. and Nagel, K. (2021). Predicting the effects of COVID-19 related interventions in urban settings by combining activity-based modelling, agent-based simulation, and mobile phone data. medarxiv

Göhlich, D., Nagel, K., Syré, A. M., Grahle, A., Martins-Turner, K., Ewert, R., Miranda Jahn, R. and Jefferies, D. (2021). Integrated Approach for the Assessment of Strategies for the Decarbonization of Urban Traffic. Sustainability. MDPI AG, 839.

Ewert, R., Grahle, A., Martins-Turner, K., Syré, A. M., Nagel, K. and Göhlich, D. (2021). Electrification of Urban Waste Collection: Introducing a Simulation-Based Methodology for Technical Feasibility, Impact and Cost Analysis. World Electric Vehicle Journal

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Sering, L., Koch, L. V. and Ziemke, T. (2021). Convergence of a Packet Routing Model to Flows Over Time.

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