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Nagel, K., Ewert, R., Bischoff, J., Maciejewski, M. and Grahle, A. (in Vorbereitung). Dekarbonisierung des urbanen Verkehrs [47]. Spannungsfeld Fahrzeugantriebe – Gedenkschrift für Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Baar (Arbeitstitel)

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Link zur Publikation [51]

extensions, M. (accessed 2014). MATSim extensions webpage [52].

Link zur Publikation [53]

Rakow, C., Kaddoura, I., Lu, C., Nippold, R. and Wagner, P. (2021). Investigation of the system-wide effects of intelligent infrastructure concepts with microscopic and mesoscopic traffic simulation [54].

Link zur Publikation [55]

Bieker-Walz, L., Kaddoura, I., Meng, Z., Ortgiese, M. and Wagner, P. (2021). Future Mobility Scenarios for Hamburg, Germany [56].

Sering, L., Koch, L. V. and Ziemke, T. (2021). Convergence of a Packet Routing Model to Flows Over Time [57].

Charlton, W., Leich, G. and Kaddoura, I. (2021). Open-Source Web-Based Visualizer for Dynamic-Response Shared Taxi Simulations [58].

Link zur Publikation [59]

Ewert, R., Martins-Turner, K., Thaller, C. and Nagel, K. (2021). Using a Route-based and Vehicle Type specific Range Constraint for Improving Vehicle Routing Problems with Electric Vehicles [60]. Transportation Research Procedia, 517–524.

Link zur Publikation [61]

Ziemke, T., Alegre, L. N. and Bazzan, A. L. C. (2021). Reinforcement learning vs. rule-based adaptive traffic signal control: A Fourier basis linear function approximation for traffic signal control [62]. AI Communications

Link zur Publikation [63]

Ziemke, T., Sering, L., Koch, L. V., Zimmer, M., Nagel, K. and Skutella, M. (2021). Flows Over Time as Continuous Limit of Packet-Based Network Simulations [64]. Transportation Research Procedia. Elsevier BV, 123–130.

Link zur Publikation [65]

Nagel, C. L. M. M. K. (2021). Effective Operation of Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT): Implementation and Evaluation of Various Rebalancing Strategies [66].

Schlenther, T., Leich, G., Maciejewski, M. and Nagel, K. (2020). Addressing Spatial Service Provision Equity for Pooled Ride-Hailing Services through Rebalancing [67].

Kaddoura, I. and Schlenther, T. (2020). The impact of trip density on the fleet size and pooling rate of ride-hailing services: A simulation study [68].

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