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A Web-Based Data Visualization Platform for MATSim
Zitatschlüssel CharltonLaudan2020WebBasedVisualization
Autor Charlton, Billy and Laudan, Janek
Jahr 2020
DOI 10.1177/0361198120935109
Journal Transportation Research Record
Zusammenfassung There are many tools available for analyzing MATSim transport simulation results, both open-source and commercial. This research builds a new open-source visualization platform for MATSim outputs that is entirely web-based. After initial experiments with many different web technologies, a client/server platform design emerges which leverages the advanced user interface capabilities of modern browsers on the front-end, and relies on back-end server processing for more processor-intensive tasks. The initial platform is now operational and includes several aggregate-level visualizations including origin/destination flows, transit supply, and emissions levels; as well as a fully disaggregate traffic animation visualization. These visualizations are general enough to be useful for various projects. Further work is needed to make them more compelling and the platform more useful for practitioners.
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