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Road Network Reliability: A Method Based on Risk
Zitatschlüssel ShoufengNagel2005Risk
Autor Shoufeng, M. and Nagel, K.;
Seiten 11
Jahr 2005
Verlag Berlin
Zusammenfassung Based on the former research, this paper studies the reliability on road network from a different perspective–- risk, which is called RBR (Reliability Based on Risk). Firstly the definition and its explanation of RBR concept are stated in this paper. Then the relation and connection between RBR and other reliability definitions is analyzed. By applying the kernel estimation method, an estimation method for the distribution function of traveling cost on a link based on the historical data is proposed. With such a function, the RBR of a link can be calculated. The error analysis and back testing methods are also given in this paper. This process is illustrated and verified by an example using the detective dada on a link in one of Chinese highways. Further more, the concepts of other RBR forms, such as route RBR, O-D pair RBR and network RBR, are proposed and possible calculation methods based on link RBR are suggested. At last, a conclusion and the applications of RBR in the traffic planning and management are put forward.
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