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A Critical Comparison Of The Kinematic-Wave Model With Observational Data
Zitatschlüssel NagelNelson2005CriticalComparisonOf
Autor Nagel, K. and Nelson, P.;
Buchtitel Transportation and Traffic Theory – Flow, Dynamics, and Human Interaction (Proc. 16th ISTTT)
Seiten 145–164
Jahr 2005
Herausgeber Mahmassani, H.
Verlag Elsevier
Zusammenfassung There is considerable disagreement to which extent different versions of the kinematic wave model (KWM) can explain/predict certain effects of traffic flow dynamics. In this paper, first the traditional KWM, with a strictly convex fundamental diagram (FD), is explored. It is found that, after careful examination, such a model can explain most but not all observations of traffic flow dynamics. KWMs with piecewise linear segments are closer to the observations, but do still leave open questions, most notably the spontaneous emergence of jams. KWMs with concave segments are less well investigated in this context, but do not seem to offer a significantly better alternative. An important conclusion of our study is that many existing data sets are not well enough documented to be of help to answer critical questions. For example, there seems to be only one empirical observation of spontaneous traffic breakdown, and it is neither published nor widely disseminated. Similarly, there are very few investigations that include the spatial dimension, without which many questions cannot be answered.
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