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The Physics of Traffic and Regional Development
Zitatschlüssel HelbingNagel2004ContPhys
Autor Helbing, D. and Nagel, K.
Seiten 405–426
Jahr 2004
Journal Contemporary Physics
Jahrgang 45(5)
Zusammenfassung From the point of view of a physicist, cars on a highway or pedestrians in a mall are many particle systems. Yet, the particles of those systems are more complicated than typical particles in physical systems. A question therefore is in how far the methods from physics can be applied to systems with these more complicated particles. It turns out that in fact quite a lot can be explained with the methods from physics, which combine simple microscopic modeling assumptions with advanced mathematics and/or advanced computational science. For example, those systems display a surprising variety of states, such as jammed, laminar, or oscillating. Those states can be explained using several concepts, from microscopic to uid-dynamical. Physics methods have contributed signi=0Ccantly to better understanding those states, and to alleviate them where possible.
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