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Traffic-actuated Signal Control: Simulation of the User Benefits in a Big Event Real-World Scenario
Zitatschlüssel GretherBischoffNagel2011CottbusSylviaEventAbstract
Autor Grether, D. and Bischoff, J. and Nagel, K.
Buchtitel 2nd International Conference on Models and Technologies for ITS, Leuven, Belgium
Jahr 2011
Notiz Also VSP WP 11-12, see \urlhttp://www.vsp.tu-berlin.de/publications
Zusammenfassung Making traffic signals adaptive may play a key role in intelligent transport systems, since it will enable an already existing infrastructure to react to the variabilities of the system. In this paper, a micro-simulation model for traffic-actuated signal control is used that is able to capture network, time, and second order effects of policy changes. In a real world scenario, a traffic-actuated signal control strategy from industry is tested for its use at large events such as football games. Without any special adjustments, the traffic-actuated algorithm performs better than a fixed time control scheme.
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