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Einbindung eines alternativen Routingalgorithmus für öffentlichen Verkehr in die Verkehrssimulationssoftware MATSim
Zitatschlüssel Thunig2018BAConnectionScanMatsim
Autor Thunig, G.
Jahr 2018
Adresse Berlin, Germany
Monat sep
Wie herausgegeben Bachelor Thesis, Technische Universität Berlin
Schule TU Berlin, Institute for Land and Sea Transport Systems
Zusammenfassung The goal of this thesis is to integrate the Connection-Scan-Routing-Algorithm into the traffic simulation software MATSim in such way that one could use it easily within the software for any simulation. This algorithm is a public tranport algorithm and an alternative to the commonly used Dijkstra-Algorithm. The router that is built this way shall be evaluated in terms of performance and functionality to reason about it's quality. The emerging results are to be compared with other relevant MATSim-Routers. This goal was implemented successfully. The most important insight was that the \textitConnectionScanRouter should rather be used then the Dijkstra-Router in scenarios where transit-calculation-times are a problem but the Raptor-Router is the best use in all scenarios in terms of performance. The content of this thesis could be of interest for all MATSim users with a focus on (public-transport-)routing and computer scientists.
Typ der Publikation Bachelor's Thesis
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