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planomat: A comprehensive scheduler for a large-scale multi-agent transportation simulation
Zitatschlüssel MeisterBalmerEtc2006planomatSTRC
Autor Meister, K. and Balmer, M. and Axhausen, K. and Nagel, K.
Buchtitel Swiss Transport Research Conference (STRC)
Jahr 2006
Adresse Monte Verita, Switzerland
Notiz See \urlhttp://www.strc.ch
Zusammenfassung An external strategy module for an iterative multi-agent microsimulation of traffic systems is presented. This module called planomat optimizes the time allocation and route choice of activity plans, which are the agent-based representation of travel demand. The module combines broad search for alternative timing decisions with an optimization procedure for a scoring function that evaluates activity plans. As part of the existing framework MATSIM-T, regional traffic systems of several 100=E2=80=99000 agents can be simulated. The scenario presented here is the Canton of Zurich, the biggest metropolitan area of Switzerland, with 550=E2=80=99000 agents. The comprehensive optimization of activity plans leads to a system relaxation within an acceptable number of 60 iterations. The quality of the time allocation optimization is shown by departure time distributions
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