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Agent-based modeling of route switching behavior.
Zitatschlüssel Illenberger2007SA
Autor Illenberger, Johannes
Seiten 45
Jahr 2007
Adresse Berlin, Germany
Wie herausgegeben Master Thesis, TU Berlin, Institute for Land and Sea Transport Systems
Schule TU Berlin, Institute for Land and Sea Transport Systems
Zusammenfassung This study presents an approach for modeling route switching behavior in largescale transport micro simulations. The model focuses on within-day replanning under different forms of information provision. Three components are presented, each of which models specific aspects of the traveler=E2=80=99s behavior. These components include the provision of link travel costs, routes and a model of the driver=E2=80=99s satisfaction. Furthermore an approach for modeling the traveler=E2=80=99s perception of link travel costs is introduced which will be used in conjunction with shortest path algorithms to represent the driver=E2=80=99s route searching process. The satisfaction of the traveler is modeled with a scoring function for routes and activities travelers are aiming at. The model=E2=80=99s functionality is tested with a simple fictive network and a real-world network of Greater Berlin.
Typ der Publikation Studienarbeit
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