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Bieker-Walz, L., Kaddoura, I., Meng, Z., Ortgiese, M. and Wagner, P. (2021). Future Mobility Scenarios for Hamburg, Germany.

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Bazzan, A., Oliveira, D. d., Klügl, F. and Nagel, K. (2008). Adapt or not adapt – consequences of adapting driver and traffic light agents. Adaptive Agents and Multi-Agent Systems III. Adaptation and Multi-Agent Learning. Springer, 1–14.

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Banduch, F. (2012). Einfluss der wachsenden Businessjetanteile am Luftverkehr auf die Slotvergabe. TU Berlin, Institute for Land and Sea Transport Systems

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Balmer, M., Meister, K., Rieser, M., Nagel, K. and Axhausen, K. (2008). Agent-based simulation of travel demand: Structure and computational performance of MATSim-T. Innovations in Travel Modeling (ITM) '08

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