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Rieser, M., Dobler, C., Dubernet, T., Grether, D., Horni, A., Lämmel, G., Waraich, R., Zilske, M., Axhausen, K. W. and Nagel, K. (2013). MATSim user guide.

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Fischer, J., Redlich, J.-P., Scheuermann, B., Schiller, J., Günes, M., Nagel, K., Wagner, P., Scheidgen, M., Zubow, A., Eveslage, I., Sombrutzki, R. and Juraschek, F. (2013). From earthquake detection to traffic surveillance – About information and communication infrastructures for smart cities. System Analysis and Modeling: Theory and Practice. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 121–141.

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Bischoff, J. (2013). Agentenbasierte Simulation elektrifizierter Taxiflotten. TU Berlin, Institute for Land and Sea Transport Systems

Taubenböck, H., Goseberg, N., Lämmel, G., Setiadi, N., Schlurmann, T., Nagel, K., Siegert, F., Birkmann, J., Traub, K.-P., Dech, S., Keuck, V., Lehmann, F., Strunz, G. and Klüpfel, H. (2013). Risk reduction at the ``Last-Mile'': an attempt to turn science into action by the Example of Padang, Indonesia. Natural Hazards, 915–1945.

Goseberg, N., Lämmel, G., Taubenböck, H., Setiadi, N., Birkmann, J. and Schlurmann, T. (2013). The Last-Mile Evacuation project: A multi-disciplinary approach to evacuation planning and risk reduction in tsunami-threatend coastal areas. Early Warning for Geological Disasters: Scientific Methods and Current Practice. Springer, 205–224.

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Grether, D., Fürbas, S. and Nagel, K. (2013). Agent-based Modelling and Simulation of Air Transport Technology and Passenger Demand. contains the combined material from vspwp 12-24 and 12-25

Grether, D. and Nagel, K. (2013). Extensible Software Design of a Multi-Agent Transport Simulation. Procedia Computer Science, 380–388.

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Graf, A. (2013). Die Bewertung der Qualität des Schülerverkehrs unter Anwedung der Multiagentensimulation MATSim. TU Berlin, Institute for Land and Sea Transport Systems

Hülsmann, F., Kickhöfer, B. and Gerike, R. (2013). Air pollution hotspots in urban areas – How effective are pricing strategies to comply with the EU limits for $NO_2$?. Strategies for Sustainable Mobilities: Opportunities and Challenges. Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 105–128.

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