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Helbing, D. and Nagel, K. (2004). The Physics of Traffic and Regional Development. Contemporary Physics

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Hensher, D. and King, J. (2001). Iterative Demand Generation for Transportation Simulations. Pergamon, 689–709.

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Horni, A., Nagel, K. and Axhausen, K. W. (2012). High-Resolution Destination Choice in Agent-Based Models.

Hübner, J. (2021). Masters's thesis in progress. TU Berlin, Institute for Land and Sea Transport Systems

Hülsmann, F., Gerike, R., Kickhöfer, B., Nagel, K. and Luz, R. (2011). Towards a multi-agent based modeling approach for air pollutants in urban regions. Conference on ``Luftqualität an Straßen''. FGSV Verlag GmbH, 144–166.

Hülsmann, F., Kickhöfer, B. and Gerike, R. (2013). Air pollution hotspots in urban areas – How effective are pricing strategies to comply with the EU limits for $NO_2$?. Strategies for Sustainable Mobilities: Opportunities and Challenges. Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 105–128.

I. Cabrita, S. G. R. H. D. E. I. T. D. P. J. J. K. N. T. N. D. R. (2013). Brussels Case Study.

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Illenberger, J. (2007). Agent-based modeling of route switching behavior.. TU Berlin, Institute for Land and Sea Transport Systems , 45.

Illenberger, J. (2012). Social Networks and Cooperative Travel Behaviour. TU Berlin

Illenberger, J., Flötteröd, G., Kowald, M. and Nagel, K. (2009). A model for spatially embedded social networks. 12th Conference of the International Association for Travel Behaviour Research (IATBR)

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Illenberger, J., Flötteröd, G. and Nagel, K. (2007). Enhancing MATSim with capabilities of within-day re-planning. , 94–99.

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