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Nagel, K., Ewert, R., Bischoff, J., Maciejewski, M. and Grahle, A. (in Vorbereitung). Dekarbonisierung des urbanen Verkehrs. Spannungsfeld Fahrzeugantriebe – Gedenkschrift f??r Prof.\ Dr.-Ing.\ Roland Baar (Arbeitstitel)

extensions, M. (accessed 2014). MATSim extensions webpage.

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K??tschau, R., Martins-Turner, K., Ehmke, J. F. and Nagel, K. (2020). Combining Simulation and Optimisation to Design ReliableTransportation Services with Autonomous Fleets.

Martins-Turner, K., Grahle, A., Nagel, K. and Göhlich, D. (2020). Electrification of Urban Freight Transport - a Case Study of the Food Retailing Industry. Procedia Computer Science, 757–763.

Müller, S. A., Balmer, M., Neumann, A. and Nagel, K. (2020). Mobility traces and spreading of COVID-19.

Charlton, B. and Laudan, J. (2020). A Web-Based Data Visualization Platform for MATSim. Transportation Research Record

Ewert, R., Grahle, A., Martins-Turner, K., Syr??e, A., Nagel, K. and Göhlich, D. (2020). Electrification of Urban Waste Collection: Introducing a Simulation-Based Methodology for Feasibility, Impact and Cost Analysis.

Schlenther, T., Martins-Turner, K., Bischoff, J. and Nagel, K. (2020). The Potential of Private Autonomous Vehicles for Parcel Delivery.

Ziemke, T., Sering, L., Koch, L. V., Zimmer, M., Nagel, K. and Skutella, M. (2020). Flows Over Time as Continuous Limit of Packet-Based Network Simulations.

Kaddoura, I., Bischoff, J. and Nagel, K. (2020). Towards welfare optimal operation of innovative mobility concepts: External cost pricing in a world of shared autonomous vehicles. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 48–63.

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