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Rico Kötschau and Kai Martins-Turner and Jan Fabian Ehmke and Kai Nagel (2020). Combining Simulation and Optimisation to Design ReliableTransportation Services with Autonomous Fleets.

Simon Meinhardt and Tilmann Schlenther and Kai Martins-Turner and Michal Maciejewski (2022). Simulation of On-Demand Vehicles that Serve both Person and Freight Transport.

Ihab Kaddoura and Tilmann Schlenther (2021). The impact of trip density on the fleet size and pooling rate of ride-hailing services: A simulation study. Procedia Computer Science, 674–679.

Matthias Kracht and Hans Dieter Chemitz and Gudrun K üßner and Marion Diehr and Phillip Hoth and Matthias Hammler and Tilmann Schlenther and Ihab Kaddoura and Kai Nagel and Jan Ehmke and Jarmo Haferkamp and Rico Kötschau and Markus Kromer and Henriette Triebke and Hans-Christian Winter and Moritz Stottele and Noran Kamal Goma and Manfred Schönebeck and Rolf A Müller and Olaf Mehlmann (2021). Potentiale automatisierter Verkehrssysteme - PAVE.

Schlenther, T. and Leich, G. and Maciejewski, M. and Nagel, K. (2020). Addressing Spatial Service Provision Equity for Pooled Ride-Hailing Services through Rebalancing.

Tilmann Schlenther and Kai Martins-Turner and Joschka Felix Bischoff and Kai Nagel (2020). Potential of Private Autonomous Vehicles for Parcel Delivery. Transportation Research Record, 0361198120949878.

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