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MATSim Visualizer

Project description

This project is the home of an experimental web-based visualization platform for exploring MATSim outputs.

Scientific researchers and academics have many tools to choose from for data visualization, including both open-source and commercial offerings. However, a significant gap exists for decisionmakers and the general public: without advanced technical skill, it is quite difficult or expensive to produce understandable graphics and visualizations from the large volumes of data that a MATSim run produces.

In just the past few years, the open web has gained enough speed and graphical capability to possibly serve as next-generation visualization platform. Theoretically, any user with a recent web browser could have access to advanced visualization capabilities. This could have far-reaching consequences for decisionmakers, planners, and the public.

Thus, this project will explore the capabilities and limits of using internet browser technology for MATSim visualization.


See here [1]

Project webpage

https://viz.vsp.tu-berlin.de/ [2]


Prof. Dr. Kai Nagel [3], TU Berlin

William Charlton M.Sc. [4], Wiss. Mitarbeiter

Janek Laudan, M.Sc. [5], Wiss. Mitarbeiter

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