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Policy evaluation in multi-agent transport simulations
Zitatschlüssel GretherEtAl2010TrbIncomeInTRR
Autor Grether, D. and Kickhöfer, B. and Nagel, K.
Seiten 10–18
Jahr 2010
ISSN 0361-1981
DOI 10.3141/2175-02
Journal Transportation Research Record
Jahrgang 2175
Verlag Transportation Research Board of the National Academies
Zusammenfassung In democratically organized societies, the implementation of measures with regressive effects on welfare distribution tends to be complicated because of low public acceptance. The microscopic multiagent simulation approach presented in this paper can help to design better solutions in such situations. Income can be included in utility calculations for a better understanding of problems linked to acceptability. This paper shows how the approach can be used in policy evaluation when income is included in user preferences. With the MATSim framework, the implementation is tested in a simple scenario. Furthermore the approach works in a large-scale, real-world example. On the basis of a hypothetical price and speed increase of public transit, effects on the welfare distribution of the population are discussed. This approach, in contrast with applied economic policy analysis, allows choice modeling and economic evaluation to be realized consistently.
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