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State estimation for traffic simulations as coarse grained systems


The goal of this project is twofold:

  1. From a methodological point of view, some methods will be applied and developed, that originate from systems engineering to the state estimation of coarse-grained systems. The project will investigate waht available state estimation methodologies are structurally eligible for traffic state estimation. This requires the formalization of traffic simulators so that applicable algorithms can be identified, modified, and new methods can be solved.
  2. The  aforementioned developed methods will be applied to traffic simulations within a test bed for online telematics and offline planning traffic applications. This test bed will be integrated with our planning-oriented multi-agent traffic simulation software, MATSim, so it can be investigated, to what degree the developed online-estimation algorithms can be extended towards state estimation for planning applications in MATSim.



  • Gunnar Flötteröd, TU-Berlin (until 31.12.2008), EPFL (since 2009) as external collaborator
  • Yu Chen, TU-Berlin



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Link zur Publikation

Flötteröd, G., Chen, Y., Rieser, M. and Nagel, K. (2009). Behavioral calibration of a large-scale travel behavior microsimulation. 12th Conference of the International Association for Travel Behaviour Research (IATBR)

Link zur Publikation

Flötteröd, G. (2008). A fully disaggregate approach to the calibration of simulation-based DTA. International Symposium on Dynamic Traffic Assignment

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